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“Building Bridges of Understanding Across Class and Racial Differences” – 2017 MidAmerica (click here for our Powerpoint presentation)


Workshop participants in discussionUU Class Conversations currently offers the full-day workshop Organizing for Change: Addressing Classism in Your Faith Community or a half-day workshop.

While the two options introduce participants to the concepts of class and classism, the full-day workshop helps congregations or organizations develop a cross-class effort to eradicate classism within their faith community and the wider community.

Contact us at info@uuclassconversations.org to bring a workshop to your congregation, organization or region or to learn more about doing so.

Organizing for Change: Addressing Classism in Your Faith Community
Full-day Workshop

This interactive, full-day workshop strengthens your UU congregation or organization as you:

  1. Explore the implications of class and classism.
  2. Connect classism to growing inequality and other oppressions.
  3. Begin the organizing process to become less classist and more class inclusive.

Participants share class stories in order to better understand their own class backgrounds and current class status. Strengths and challenges of each class are identified, and participants develop language and concepts to bridge class differences. Together, we explore what classism looks like in congregational life and social justice work. Teams from congregation and/or organizations then develop strategies to begin to shift their faith community toward greater awareness of class and classism, both within their groups and in the wider community.

Part 2 – We offer an hour consultation following the workshop to help you continue to create an organizing action plan for your efforts to address classism.

Facing Class and Classism
Half-day Workshop

This half-day workshop will help participants become familiar with the concepts of class and classism and better understand their own class backgrounds. Strengths and challenges of each class background will be identified and participants helped to develop language, concepts, and strategies to bridge class differences. We will illuminate the intersection between class and race and other issues of diversity and explore the role of classism in escalating inequality.

Bring a workshop to your congregation, organization or region.

Download the Why Talk about Class Flyer 2016-17 for more on our project.

June 12, 2017
June 22, 2017
  • GA "Living the Intersection of Class and Race"

    June 22, 2017

    In America today, the intersection of class and race can no longer be ignored. Our workshop will explore how class and race combine to shape one’s life experiences and worldview. With this understanding, we’ll look at how UUs can create a culture of radical hospitality and strong intercultural partnerships. Presented by Kellie Kelly, Rev. Lee Paczulla, Rev. Darrick Jackson, and Chris Crass.

    See more details

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