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From The New York Times:

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind There is a poisonous view among some conservatives that the poor are deficient in character, not cash.

Class, Cost and College

Who Gets to Graduate?"

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See the new video blog class story, created by Rev. Stephen Shick, which lays bare the devastating effects of classism between two of his congregation members.


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The UU Class Conversations Expanding the Conversation Faithify Campaign has one day left. Weve reached our goal, but would love to exceed it. There’s no summer vacation from classism.

We know it is summer and you are busy with vacations, BBQs, backyard parties and …, but  please take time to stamp out classism with your pledge to this campaign. Help us meet the exploding demand by UUs to address classism and increasing social, economic and racial inequality. Your pledge of $35, $50 or even $100 or $250 will be appreciated and carefully stewarded. We also understand that not everyone is in a position to support this campaign with a large or even moderate pledge. If you can give $5, $10, or $1, your pledge will be seen as a vote for UUs to tackle classism. Please donate today.

Exploring Class and Classism

UU Class Conversations provides Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations with the tools and language to explore class and classism through a distinctly UU lens.

Building upon our faith community’s ongoing diversity work – from race to gender to sexual orientation to gender identity – the project aims to produce more welcoming congregations while strengthening our shared commitment to social justice. Download the Why talk about class flyer for more on our project.

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