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From The New York Times:

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind There is a poisonous view among some conservatives that the poor are deficient in character, not cash.

Class, Cost and College

Who Gets to Graduate?"

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messagesUU Class Conversations provides Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations with the tools and language to explore class and classism through a UU lens.

Building upon the denomination’s ongoing diversity – from race to gender to sexual orientation – the program aims to produce more welcoming congregations while strengthening our denominational commitment to social justice.

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Do you live in the greater Boston area? Would you like to hear what a class-inclusive congregation looks like? Come hear Betsy Leondar-Wright, a cofounder of UU Class Conversations and director of Class Action. Here are the where's and when's: the www.facebook.com/events/608834592561163/ ...

Social Justice Sermon

October 26, 2014, 10:00am

First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington, MA

What would a class-inclusive congregation look like? How is work for social change different when it bridges class and race divides and draws on the gifts of all class cultures? Betsy Leondar-Wright will give the annual Shinn Sermon on social justice at the regular Sunday service at First Parish UU Church. She will offer a vision, based on UU principles, of reducing classism at First Parish, among UU's, in social justice efforts and in the world. Betsy is a member of First Parish, a co-founder of the UU Class Conversations project, program director at Class Action, and author of the new book "Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups By Seeing Class Cultures."

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