Exploring Class and Classism

Classism in the News

From The New York Times:

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind There is a poisonous view among some conservatives that the poor are deficient in character, not cash.

Class, Cost and College

Who Gets to Graduate?"

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Arlington Welcome with smilesUU Class Conversations provides Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations with the tools and language to explore class and classism through a distinctly UU lens.

Building upon our faith community’s ongoing diversity work – from race to gender to sexual orientation to gender identity – the project aims to produce more welcoming congregations while strengthening our shared commitment to social justice. Download the Why talk about class flyer for more on our project.

Faithify Campaign: Help Us Raise Funds to Expand Our Work Together

We all know that a class-inclusive faith community is a stronger community. That’s why Class Conversations is kicking off a short Faithify (fundraising) Campaign to expand our support to congregations and UU organizations working to build bridges between members of all classes.

Our Goal: $4,000

Reaching our goal will help us receive a much-needed Fund for Unitarian Universalism matching grant to:

  • Subsidize workshops for congregations and UU organizations that lack resources to pay our already low-cost workshop fees and travel expenses.
  • Train more facilitators to make workshops available in each UUA region.
  • Create new class education resources — videos, online resources, and distance learning.

Please get involved, and donate $25, $10, $5, $50 or more to help us strengthen our faith community as it becomes more class-inclusive.

Latest Tweets

"UUCC helped me feel more comfortable being in the UU denomination as both a member AND a future minister. UUCC lovingly helps congregations see the strengths and limitations of EVERY social class, including upper classes. I think the project also demonstrates that 'the goal' should not be to make everyone a professor-- the goal should be to let everyone flourish in the ways that they find meaningful and for society to value EVERY job. In a hospital, the housekeeping tech is just as important as the neurosurgeon." Kellie Kelly, UU ministry student ... See MoreSee Less

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