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From The New York Times:

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind There is a poisonous view among some conservatives that the poor are deficient in character, not cash.

Class, Cost and College

Who Gets to Graduate?"

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Watch the sermon Classism in UU Congregations by UU Class Conversations Steering Committee member Betsy Leondar Wright. She suggests how we can build on what we are already doing well to effectively address classism in our faith community and become truly class inclusive.

Exploring Class and Classism

UU Class Conversations provides Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations with the tools and language to explore class and classism through a distinctly UU lens.

Building upon our faith community’s ongoing diversity work – from race to gender to sexual orientation to gender identity – the project aims to produce more welcoming congregations while strengthening our shared commitment to social justice. Download the Why Talk about Class Flyer 2015-16 for more on our project.

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This season's _The Good Wife_ has looked at diversity a couple of times now. And while they're focusing on the racism aspect, the classism is very intertwined. "We're not rejecting this applicant because she's black; we're turning her down because she didn't go to Harvard." "We're not saying this black neighborhood is unsafe; our overwhelmingly white users are saying it's unsafe. Even though we originally included property values as part of the algorithm to define 'safe'."

Any of you watch _The Good Wife_? What do you think of these plots, and how the writers are handling them?
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