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Workshop Logistics

Bringing Class Awareness Workshops to You

UU Class Conversations workshops are steeped in our UU principles and introduce the issues of class and classism to you through that uniquely UU focus. The workshops explore the strengths that people of different classes offer your institution and help you build on those talents to thrive as a faith community and force for social justice. Our newest workshop also examines class and race intersectionality, Due to COVID restrictions, UU-CC has moved all our workshops online. UU Class Conversations offers several types of webinars from 90 minute to half day to full day. Contact us to learn more about pricing and logistics at info@uuclassconversations.org

Learn more about the workshops with full workshop descriptions.

Remaining true to our goal of class inclusion, our workshop are priced both to make this work affordable for UU groups and to ensure that facilitators are compensated at a fair hourly rate – one which is line with that charged by most small nonprofits. The workshop fee includes at least six to 10 hours of preparation time, facilitation during the workshop and one to two hours of follow-up with your congregation or organization for two facilitators.

To set up a workshop email us at: info@uuclassconversations.org

* includes post-workshop organizing consultation