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Spiritual Nourishment

As Unitarian Universalists, we aspire to live out our seven Principles in the world, in our religious communities and in our hearts. As with our other social justice initiatives, we believe that becoming a class-aware and class-inclusive religious community is deeply spiritual work. In order to continue it, we all need spiritual nourishment. On this website, in our matrrials and in or eNews, we feature readings to support your faith, deepen your growth and replenish your hope.

Meditations Submissions GraphicCall for Submissions:
Meditations on Class

UU Class Conversations is calling for submissions for a new anthology of original material – #MeditationsonClass − that focuses on social class inclusion and the dismantling of classism. Send us your meditations, chalice lightings, rituals or readings for Meditations on Class!

This anthology will include writings that can be used by individuals, small groups, families and congregations. These spiritual expressions will support the sacred work of social class inclusion in congregations and communities. Our hope is to create a resource of spiritual nourishment to help Unitarian Universalists make justice real.

Please submit your original writing and fill out the #MeditationsonClass form.
Questions may be sent to MeditationsOnClass@gmail.com

Submission are ongoing.

Contributors are welcome to submit multiple writings. Please fill out a separate form for each submission. Writing that is grounded in our UU theologies and contributors who share from their own lived experience will be prioritized.

We Are Called
by Darrick Jackson

In these times, we are called:
Called to step into the mess and murk of life
Called to be strong and vulnerable
Called to console and to challenge
Called to be grounded, and hold lofty ideals
Called to love in the face of hate

We are called
And it is not easy
And we will not always agree
And we will yell, and scream and cry
And we will laugh and smile and sing

We are called to be together
There is so much work to do
And we cannot do it alone
We need one another
Holding each other accountable to our covenants, to the holy, to love and justice

In these times, we are called.

Darrick has served as a member of UU Class Conversation’s Advisory Group.

It’s Hard Work
By Rosemary Bray McNatt

The truth is this: If there is no justice, there will be no peace. We can read Thoreau and Emerson to one another, quote Rilke and Alice Walker and Howard Thurman, and think good and noble thoughts about ourselves. But if we cannot bring justice into the small circle of our own individual lives, we cannot hope to bring justice to the world. And if we do not bring justice to the world, none of us is safe and none of us will survive. Nothing that Unitarian Universalists need to do is more important than making justice real – here, where we are. Hard as diversity is, it is our most important task.

Excerpt from Been in the Storm So Long (1991)

Ever since reading McNatt’s words in seminary, they have sung to me and provided me courage for my work, especially when people have tried to silence me. They have even brought me comfort when I messed up – trying to compare oppressions, deny my own racism or re-center whiteness. May McNatt’s words bring you courage and comfort in this exciting time of opportunity and healing. May her words bring our entire religion courage and comfort as we narrow the tragic gap between who we are today and who we dream to be tomorrow.
May it be so.
With gratitude and faith,
Kellie Kelly, Former UU-CC Steering Committee Chair