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NEW: Meditations on Class

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Meditations on Class:
Reflections, Insights and Commentaries

This anthology offers chalice lightings, rituals, sermons and readings about social class and classism by UU ministers, denomination leaders, religious educators, thought leaders and congregants from across our Beloved Community. These spiritual expressions will support the sacred work of social class inclusion in congregations and communities. Grounded in our UU theologies, the writings can be used by individuals, small groups, families and congregations as a resource of spiritual nourishment to help Unitarian Universalists make justice real.

The cost of the booklet is only $14.99 for each printed copy (currently available in soft-cover format, plus postage/handling and applicable state sales tax.

Consider buying a copy of Meditations on Class for your congregation’s library and as a gift! Order your copy today.

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Elizabeth Cogliati: Sidewalks

Barbara Cogswell: Kansas, 1937, White Woman’s Burden

Chuck Collins: Coming Home: Engaging the Wealthy to Reverse Inequality; Sermon Prompts: Possible Readings

Jason Cook: I Asked My Husband; You Say

Thomas Earthman: We Are Best in Community

Mike Greenwood: May I Live This Day; Is Fifteen Dollars a Living Wage?

Wesley V. Hromatko: A Simple Faith

Darrick Jackson: We Are Called

Myke Johnson: Fighting the Inner Wounds of Class Oppression

Kellie Kelly: It’s Hard Work; We are Human, Not Human Doings; Class Stories: Embracing Our Diversity

Kate Lore: Breaking the Chain of Poverty; Prayer for Economic Hardship

Betty Jo Middleton: UU Blue Collar Blues poem and song sheet

Millie Phillips: Pandemic Benediction

Betsy Leondar-Wright: Today, notice the class diversity around you – and listen