Join Us February 14, 2021 for Worship Sunday

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We hope you will join with other UU congregations throughout North America to celebrate UU Class Conversations’, Embracing Social Class Sunday on February 14, 2021. The service is a wonderful introduction to the topics of class and classism for congregations just beginning to explore social class issues and a spiritual expression of your commitment to tackling social class inclusion for congregations already on this path. If you cannot join us on the 14th, please consider doing this service at another time in 2021.

Embracing Social Class Sunday lets us appreciate and recognize the contributions of all classes and address classism within our faith community. As our founder, the late Rev. Dr. Dorothy Emerson, often said, nurturing the power of class inclusion within an entire congregation helps members understand that this sacred work.

Right now, the need for understanding and embracing differences is so timely and critical. We hope you will join us.


UU Class Conversations educates Unitarian Universalists about class awareness and inclusion – empowering our religious movement to dismantle classism within our congregations and communities.

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Being a Social Class Ally for Social Justice

More than 250 UUA General Assembly participants joined facilitators Rev. Kimberly Johnson, Denise Moorehead, Diane Pansire and Rev. Megan Visser to explore how class and classism, intersecting with race and racism, have shaped our lives from childhood. Together, we looked also at the impact that acknowledging and even celebrating class differences can have on our congregations and organizations, and on our work for social justice and equity. Using this information, we created sacred space to discover how we can become class/race allies. Then we discussed strategies for moving beyond allyship to become accomplices, people who stand alongside their peers with less class advantage to create a more just faith community – and world. 

From UU Class Conversations: A worship service packet, Embracing Social Class Inclusion. The worship service is an important way to introduce the power of class inclusion to your entire congregation and help members understand that this is indeed sacred work.