Exploring Class. Addressing Classism.

Read our statement in response to SCOTUS’ July 28th ruling on affirmative action in college admissions …

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UU Class Conversations works to empower UU congregations and organizations by helping them explore all facets of social class at the personal, organizational and societal levels. Our shared goal is to address and end classism and build bridges across class differences. We believe that together we can create deep, sustained relationships that build Beloved Community and bring about a more equitable world.


What’s New at UU-CC?

Meditations on Class:
Reflections, Insights and Commentaries

Written by UUs for UUs, this hot-of-the-press anthology offers chalice lightings, rituals, sermons, readings and more to help our Beloved Community become more aware of the many ways we can celebrate our social class diversity.

Sharing their lived experience, UU leaders and lay people from across our denomination provide the inspiration and spiritual nourishment we need to dismantle classism and become more welcoming of people of all class backgrounds. Order your copy today. Learn more.

hands of many colors hold the world

Calling All UU Youth! Let’s Talk About Class. 

Join our youth caucus roundtable discussions this April 2024. We are recruiting youth now to become active members of UU Class Conversations. We want to hear from you. Share your ideas on class and ways to explore class and address classism. Your voices matter!  We want to hear the perspectives on class from our future leaders of our faith community. Learn more.



New Online Workshop Introduced at GA 2023


After years of declining U.S. church attendance, the trend reversed in 2022. Powering the increase were Millennials and        Gen-Xers who value authenticity, social consciousness, teamwork and diversity — Unitarian Universalism tenets. This highly interactive workshop can be custom tailored for your UU congregation.

It offers strategies to make your congregations more authentically class-inclusive and welcoming to these new potential members.

Learn more when you  contact info@uuclassconversations.org. We look forward to connecting.