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Why I Volunteer

By Elizabeth Cogliati                                                                                          

We don’t talk about money in this country enough. It is still a taboo topic. We also don’t talk about the ways in which money, and the lack thereof, affect people’s lives and their opportunities. Class is related to the cumulative effects of money and no money. We definitely do not talk enough about class, and how it affects people’s experiences of Unitarian Universalism. I want to encourage all of us to talk more about class, and money, and the effects they have on our congregants and our congregations. I think it is especially important to discuss this from a young age, and incorporate it into our religious education classes for children and youth.

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  1. I just found an eloquent news clip from Jane Addams’s efforts to help impoverished African Americans not to have their votes disenfranchised in 1909 in the south. The joint statement of a number of religious and civic leaders also note that the Supreme Court would not hear the case of redistricting and other constitutional changes in Georgia. It is so similar to what is going on today where race and class intersect with PLACE. Never forget (as we often do) those media avoidance zones of poverty that do not fit the happy suburban picture. Mapping is a new and an old way to study the intersections.

    See this news clip in the Jane Addams papers:

    Happy holidays to all and may 2021 be brighter than this year has been.

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